The Whole Church taking the Whole Gospel to the Whole World

The Church, A Place To call:

H  –  onoring and Praising God
O  –  utreaching to the community
M –  aturing the Saints
E  –  ncouraging Families

Church of Christ West End……

Members of churches of Christ are a people of restoration spirit- wanting to restore in our time the original New Testament church.  Many sincere and honest people have lamented the fact that the church has lost its way, has become burdened with tradition, has failed to be what Christ planned for it to be. The only answer to this problem is to go back to the scriptures to see what the church was in its beginning, and then to recover today the essence of the original church. This is what churches of Christ are asking all people to consider. In the last part of the eighteenth century, men of different denominations studying independently of each other, in various parts of the world. began to ask:

Why not go back beyond denominationalism to the simplicity and purity of the first-century church? (Matt 16:18)
Why Not Take the Bible alone and once again continue “steadfastly in the apostle’ doctrine?” (Acts 2:42)
Why not plant the same seed (the word of God Luke 8:11), that first-century Christians planted, and be Christians only, as they were?

They were pleading with everyone to throw off denominationalism, to throw away human creeds, and to follow only the Bible. They taught that nothing should be required of people as acts of faith except that which is evident in the scriptures. They emphasized that going back to the Bible does not mean the establishment of another denomination, but rather a return to the original church plan. With the Bible only as our guide let us seek to find what the original church was like and restore it exactly.

We are saying that we do not have the right to ask for man’s allegiance to a human organization – but the right to call upon men to follow God’s blueprint. We do not conceive of ourselves as being a denomination – nor as Catholic, Protestant, or Jew – but simply as members of the church, which Jesus established and for which He died. That is why we wear His name. The term church of Christ is not used as a denomination, but rather as a descriptive term indicating that the church belongs to Christ.

We desire to follow carefully the all – sufficient and perfect plan God has for the church.  (2Tim 3:16-17)

Our Leadership Team