Bro. Thaddeus Bruno – Minister

Thaddeus Bruno was born, raised, and converted to Christ on the island of Dominica. He graduated from the Trinidad School of Preaching and Teaching, in 1982, received (through evaluation) a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from Theological University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1987, and has recently received his Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock Texas.

Thaddeus has served as full time minister to churches in Dominica, before moving to the United States Virgin Islands, where he served the St. Thomas Church of Christ as Evangelist for nineteen years, and Outreach Minister for five years. He currently serves as Minister of the Church of Christ at West End in Bermuda.

Bro Bruno has been a radio speaker throughout his Ministry as an Evangelist and is currently hosting a weekly radio programming on Magic 102.7 FM on Sundays at 2:30pm entitled “Let God be True”.

He has been married to Elaine for thirty years and is a published singer and songwriter.



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