COVID -19 virus update

  • Zoom-Online Sunday Morning Worship, Sunday’s at 11 am. pasword 757003.
  • Zoom-Online Midweek Bible Study, Wednesday’s at 7.30 pm.
  • Radio program will continue on Magic 102.7, Sunday 2.30pm
  • NO Services until further notice. NO Bible Class NO worship service at the Building, we do meet Online.
  • Until further notice we have only one service. Sundays, 11 am worship.
  • Leadership of the West End Church of Christ. The COVID 19 virus is serious. It is causing thousands of deaths in the world. We must not minimize the threat to life and health. We recommend the following: 1. Let’s pray for the safety of all human beings everywhere and that God’s voice will be heard through this virus. He works in ways we often cannot see. 2. We have not cancelled worship. We believe this should still be an available option. 3. However, if you are showing any flu symptoms (coughing, sneezing, sore throat, fever) we advise that you stay home and seek medical attention. 4. Because our seniors are a specially vulnerable demographic, if you/they elect to stay home from church, we understand. Do not feel compelled to assemble if you feel convicted to stay home. 5. For those who elect to assemble, bring a hand sanitizer if possible. Under these circumstances, we discourage handshakes, hugging, and kissing as forms of greeting. We encourage you to utilize all of the building and sit apart from each other during worship. 6. If you cough or sneeze, do so in a napkin/tissue or in your elbow. 7. As much as possible, heed the advice and counsel from government ministers and healthcare professionals. 8. Let’s stay in touch with each other. We love you! God bless you; and thanks! The West End leadership